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Time Flies and Art! Art! Art!

I can’t believe how quickly July passed!  Here we are with the August long weekend coming up and with it my favourite art show and sale!  

Oakville Art Society’s (OAS) Art in the Park is on Monday!  I’ve had the privilege of participating twice in this show and I always attend it.  This year I won’t have a booth as I’ll be at Lake Walk again on Thursday (August 4th from 5-10pm) but I certainly will be going!  

You probably don’t think much about it, but an incredible amount of effort goes into the preparation and presenting of this show both by the OAS, and by the artists (some travel great distances with their precious cargo). 

The variety and caliber of participating artists is exceptional. There is always something new and different. If  you’ve never attended, you should!  You don’t have to be in the market to buy (but it will be hard to resist the wide range of original art available). There’s music and food offerings and being surrounded by a huge variety of art in a beautiful setting on Lake Ontario is irresistible!  

So come out and feed your soul!  Don’t forget your sunscreen!  Maybe a hat?  Admission is $5 and children under 12 are free.

Civilizations come and go but what always remains is the art. It tells a story, even if it’s just to say “I am” or “I was”!  Art speaks a universal language. You may love it. You may hate it. -But it evokes a response. It sometimes makes you think. It sometimes makes you smile. It may trigger a memory.  It may just make you feel good.  You may choose it “just because”!

We need the arts in our lives. In a world where information is transferred and shared in the blink of an eye. Where things are churned out and massed produced. Where everything seems to be “instant” and “disposable,” the artist takes the time to choose a subject, decide upon colour or colours, visualizes the presentation, then utilizes his or her life experience and skill to form, forge, create, capture, sketch, paint, carve out their vision.

So the next time you see an original work of art, whether it’s jewelry, sculpture, glass, pottery, wood, or canvas….whatever it is. Stop!  Breathe!  Savour!  Take a moment to appreciate the history and heart that went into the creation of that piece. 

I believe that true artists’ work are bit like nature, they do their best to create one of a kind slices of life. Even if a group of artists create the exact same scene or subject, there will be subtle differences.  In a world of mass production, why not invest in something that is one of a kind or individually crafted?

Art can be a lot more than just something to fill  a space or colour match a room. 

Feed YOUR soul this summer!

Bronte Lake Walk July 7 -keeping to my “Cuba Theme”


At Cuba’s Restaurant with the bosses: Connie and Chef Dunier 

Lake Walk on July 7th was definitely one of my hottest outdoor art events! We have had a heat alert for the last little while, and temperatures have been soaring into the high 30’s! I’m not complaining…winter always seems so long and summer seems so short! Paint dries pretty fast in that kind of heat, so colour mixing was a challenge.

My car painting (“Cuba Blue”) that I worked on at the May Lake Walk, was a hit with Cuba’s Restaurant. At this Lake Walk I started a beach scene, –which was pretty appropriate as it certainly was “beach weather”!

The best part about these events is the people you meet who stop and chat. Putting yourself “out there” with something as personal as the art you create can be daunting. Your paintings are like your children and of course you want people to like them. No matter how often I do this, I always start out with a few butterflies.

I was really pleased when a lady came up beside me and said, “You must be from the Caribbean!” After seeing “Cuba Blue”, my Hibiscus “postcard” sized canvas and the beach scene I was working on, she said she thought I just had to be from the islands. She was visiting here from St. Kitts. So, quite a compliment since the “islands” I came from are the British Isles: no where near the Caribbean! My husband and I have traveled south many times over our 37+ years of married life and I love the colours and light you find there. So perhaps a little of my heart is from the islands? –Works for me.

There wasn’t a lot of people out at this Lake Walk: could have been the heat, or people are just away on vacation. I hope that the August event will be busier. Either way, it’s never a waste of time as I get to meet some lovely people, I also had some dear friends I haven’t seen in awhile, stop by!

Oh, and of course,I get to paint, so for me it’s always win win!

Painting the Town Extraordinaire (best laid plans….)

Unfortunately the first Sunday was cancelled for Oakville’s BIA, “Painting the Town Extraordinaire” due to poor weather.  June 12 was a bit cool and breezy in the morning when I set up outside Knox Presbyterian Church.  I started a painting of one of the windows since I’ve already painted the memorial garden and the door.  It was nice to chat to people and I discovered that Oakville has a wide variety of amazing dogs that are walked along Lakeshore! By noon I was feeling a bit chilled, so I packed up my paints and headed home.  I need to decide where I’ll set up next week!

After starting this entry I ended up sick, –so that ended my Sundays in Oakville!  I may just go again on my own time this summer as Oakville is a wonderful place with lots of beautiful spots to inspire!

This week, I will be back in front of Cuba’s Restaurant July 7th for the Bronte Lake Walk!  Really looking forward to it!